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8 Reasons why it’s awesome to be a woman with petite feet

Do you have small feet? Dainty, pretty, very petite feet?
Good! Me too.
I admit, there are some annoying things about having little feet. Many shops don’t sell sexy petite shoes in size 1, 2 or 3 (UK). Anything smaller than size 4 makes us often hear the disappointing words, “Sorry we don’t make them in your size”, or “Try the children’s department”.
We never fit into hotel slippers, as our little feet fall right through them, and you might need to buy insoles for some shoes. But, it’s not all doom and gloom. While there are a few inconveniences to having little feet, it’s mostly a great thing!

Here’s our top 8 reasons of why it’s awesome to be a woman with petite feet:


Our feet are more attractive:

It’s proven. Shoe models always wear size 3.5! Also, baby clothes are cuter than older children’s clothes and adult clothes and smaller feet are often envied for their cuteness. Plus, men find small feet more attractive. This is a biological preference that dates back to caveman times when men mainly did the hunting and women were more vulnerable and protected. Even though this clearly doesn’t apply to modern life and modern women, the subconscious attraction to little feet remains.

We save money by buying children’s footwear:

We can buy our non-sexy petite shoes from the kid’s department as they’re cheaper and have no tax. Trainers, flip flops, hiking shoes, wellington boots, and plain flats are often the same or similar design as in the woman’s department, but much cheaper.

We get great bargains:

The most common women’s sizes – 4-6 UK – are bought up first. So, by end of seasons sale time, there might not be many, or any, left. The less common sizes – the big 7-plus pairs or the very petite shoes under size 4 – are often the ones left when it’s sale time. This means you can get some really good bargains.

We’re in good company:

Some undisputedly cool and gorgeous celebrities have tiny feet too. Some of the women with a big impact and small stature with tiny feet to match include: pop diva Christina Aguilera is size 3.5, princess of pop Kylie Minogue, The Good Place actress Kristen Bell and Heroes actress Hayden Panettiere are all size 3. Showing again, that good things come in small packages.

Our feet are inspiring:

In China, the brutal practice of foot binding to make the foot as small as possible, was fashionable among the elite for centuries. The smaller the foot, the more in demand the woman would be to be married, and in this way able to achieve upward social mobility to a higher class than they were born into. Thankfully this painful practice is long dead, but being born with naturally petite feet is still admired.

We don’t have to share shoes:

We never need to share shoes with our friends! It’s unlikely that your bestie is the same size as you, so she won’t try to borrow your shoes. And your sister or mum won’t use them while you’re on holiday (unless they also have tiny feet like mine do…)

Our shoes take up less space:

Our shoes take up less room in our homes – which means we you can have more of them! Hurray! Plus, they take up less space when packing to go on holiday, so we can take more clothes – or more shoes!

We can get petite classy heels in the UK:

We don’t need to worry about getting petite shoes in the UK from high street shops, because UK online shoe shop MD Petite Shoes (that’s us!) has a full range of gorgeous shoes for petite feet in sizes 1, 2 and 3 (bigger sizes also available on request).

So, to sum up, petite feet are great!

Love your tiny feet! They are beautiful.

If you’d like some stunning new heels, check out our range of beautifully hand-crafted Italian leather shoes that will make heads turn. Available in over a dozen styles in beautiful black, neat nude and racy red.

Once again Welcome to MD Petite Shoes World!!!!


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